The GIVE project aims to reduce the environmental impacts of digital learning by supporting green digital skills for VET providers.

The goal of the project is to study the environmental impact of digital learning and defining the life cycle of a digital training course. It also is to create 1 digital training course for VET providers on how to reduce their digital impact.

1/3 Digital Learning Environmental Impact Study
The survey is now over and we developed the white paper. You can review it and download it below.

Deadline for data collection: 31/12/2022
White paper available by 03/23


2/3 Digital training courses development
According to the results of the digital learning environmental impact study, we will develop 1 digital training course to introduce sustainable IT to VET providers.

Training Course will be available by 04/2023.

Access to Platform

3/3 Project Guide
In this guide, you will find everything from the purpose of the project to the results of the project, including analyses of two testing phases. You can download it by clicking the button below.

Testing phase starts 03/23.


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